A Letter From Co-founder Liz Corney

When we started this project last year, I had no idea we would receive such an amazing community response. So to start, thank you! I also really had no idea about the need for vulnerable women in Charlottetown. I knew a little bit, which is why I started down the road of finding out what services existed to help women. In our research this year it is abundantly clear that there is a need for a homeless women’s shelter in Charlottetown. There is absolutely no doubt. We have spoken to those who work with these women, we’ve spoken to a few of these women directly, and we have heard their stories. They need someone to help them, to speak for them, and to fight for them.

I am so thankful for this project, for those who have helped along the way, and for those who currently work in the human services industry day after day. It really is incredible work and I feel abundantly grateful to be even a small part of it.


Liz Corney

Co-founder & President, Board of Directors

Liz Corney is the co-founder and President of the board of directors for Blooming House. She is a new mother to one very busy baby boy. She works full time as the Content Marketing Manager at an IT company in Charlottetown. Her company sells software to nonprofit organizations in order to improve fundraising efforts and overall good in the world. Her educational background is in journalism, communications, and marketing and she has a passion for nonprofit, volunteerism, and women’s issues. She has over 10 years of professional experience as a consultant, a creative problem solver, and a strategic communicator in business. 


Brynn Devine

Co-founder & Vice President, Board of Directors

Brynn is a Business Analyst and mother of three. She is a part of the core Blooming House team in charge of business planning and funding submissions. She is project-oriented, is able to take requirements and plan a successful implementation. She has strong skills in engineering, systems, and planning details. She is an expert problem-solver and is passionate about helping vulnerable women.


Emily Gillis

Member, Board of Directors

Emily Gillis is a Registered Nurse who has been working as the Executive Director of the Island Pregnancy Centre for over six years. She has served on nonprofit boards in the past and has invaluable hands-on nonprofit experience. Emily maintains her professional license by working casual shifts at the QEH and on contract with UPEI’s Faculty of Nursing as a clinical instructor. She enjoys volunteering here and abroad with annual trips to serve with a non-profit medical clinic in Honduras.

Who We Are

Erica VanNieuwenhuyzen

Treasurer, Board of Directors

Erica is a bookkeeper currently working with several local PEI business and charities and is a mother of four. She has a background working for a local accounting firm where her experience taught her to navigate the world of accounting for large and small companies in every business sector. Her work included year end financials, tax prep, financial projections and client relations. She also earned her Bachelor of Social Work degree and has several years of experience working in social services. Through her family business and her own time, she is a passionate supporter and champion of causes that help the most vulnerable and hurting in her community.

Who We Are

Michael Zimmerman

Member, Board of Directors

Michael Zimmerman was born and raised in Fredericton (Nashwaaksis), New Brunswick (NB). Michael earned a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from St. Thomas University in Fredericton, NB; a Juris Doctor from the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, NB; and a Master of Education from the University of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (PEI). Michael has worked in various roles for the Province of PEI, including in family law; child protection law; adoption; and in family violence prevention. He holds the position of Legal and Policy Advisor in the Office for Children and Youth for the Province of PEI. Michael lives in Stratford, PEI with his husband James and their three cats. In his spare time, Michael enjoys literature (geography, history) and fitness (spin cycling, running, yoga). 

Who We Are

Tavie Dakin Ingersoll

Shelter Coordinator

Tavie has an established career, both professionally and as a community volunteer, working with
vulnerable populations. She holds a Bachelor or Arts in the Humanities and has worked with the Department of Family and Human Services with children in care on PEI, in the New Brunswick penal system, with homeless and street people in the city of Toronto, a women’s crisis centre in the U.S.A. and with the refugee population. She is passionate about helping others from all walks of life.

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