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this holiday season

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Breakfast/snacks for one

We believe no one should go hungry but unfortunately, that is the reality for many. This gift helps ensure our guests are sent out each morning with a full belly and snacks to keep them adequately nourished to start the day.


Holiday Donate Page


Baked goods for all

Blooming House is a temporary accommodation for our guests. However, little touches like having fresh, locally made baked goods help to make our guests feel welcome and truly make our house feel like a home.


Holiday Donate Page


Supper for all guests

Coming home to a warm dinner is both a comfort and relief for the women at Blooming House. When the guests all come together to share in a meal and conversation, it builds meaningful community and companionship.  


Holiday Donate Page


One night's shelter

Give the gift of warm and safe accommodations for a woman in need for one evening. We offer a welcoming and non-judgemental space where women can feel at home. 


Holiday Donate Page


Weekly fresh produce/groceries

Having access to nutritious, fresh food is an essential element to living a healthy life. This gift will stock Blooming House with fresh produce and groceries for our guests for a week, allowing guests to recharge and refuel with healthy choices.  


Holiday Donate Page


Weekly transportation for all

Safe and reliable transportation to our shelter is a high priority. It enables our guests to access our services easily and of no cost to them. This gift gives all of our guests for one week safe transportation to and from the house.


Holiday Donate Page


All beds full at Blooming House

This gift covers all of the operational and staffing costs for a full capacity night at Blooming House. This gives up to 8 women in need, the security of a comfortable and safe night's stay at our shelter.



Keeping Women Safe

Before Blooming House opened its doors in January 2019, there had been a service gap for women in Charlottetown who are left unexpectedly without a place to stay for the night. The lack of a safe place to stay can put women in vulnerable and dangerous situations.

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